Leaders creating Global Networks based on shared experiences and trust to better the world around them


To contribute to a strong, relevant and sustainable fellowship network:

  • to strengthen the ties of friendship and mutual understanding among the Eisenhower Fellows of Ireland;
  • To encourage and promote leadership in Ireland across all communities;
  • To identifying and support initiatives with other organisations that share the values and goals of EF;
  • To act as ambassadors for EF in Ireland and contributing to the EF mission in the wider world;
  • To seek opportunities to ‘give back’ to the community the benefits of the knowledge and learning developed from the ‘Eisenhower’ experience; and
  • To ensure the continuation and renewal of the Irish Network through encouraging and supporting EF headquarters to continue offering fellowships in Ireland.


The values that will inform the approach of Eisenhower Fellows in Ireland:

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Leadership
  • Partnership